What is basal metabolism

Do you know what your body needs the most calories? Not about sports or heavy physical work, but - for doing nothing. Up to 70 percent of our daily caloric requirement namely go to Account of the heart, circulation, brain and organs. This so-called basal metabolic rate is at a 80 kg man around 1,900 kcal, with a 60 kg woman, after all, still 1,300 kilocalories. How to calculate your calorie needs.

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The total requirement of calories is calculated from the basal metabolic rate plus the power sales. That is, it is the higher, more active we are. Who's the whole day on their feet, burns more than an office man - even if these evening playing sports.

1,300 kilocalories for doing nothing

Breathing, heartbeat and blood circulation of muscles and organs constantly consume energy. The higher the body weight, the higher is the BMR. Also age and sex play a role. This burn muscles - even at rest - more energy than fat tissue. Muscular men therefore do is lose weight more easily than those that carry a lot of fat on the ribs. The basal metabolic rate can be determined by a simple formula:

in a woman: body weight in kg x 24 x 0.9 = BMR in kcal
in a man: body weight in kg x 24 x 1.0 = BMR in kcal
The basal metabolic rate a 60 kg woman is thus about at 1300 kcal, that of a 80 kg man at about 1,900 kcal.

Use BMR calculator to help yourself out or visit BMR calculator on healthiack.com.

Housewives brushing away 1000 kilocalories

The actual calorie requirement increases depending on how active you are. So can double in physically hard-working people of the daily caloric requirement compared with the basal metabolic rate. Who is on their feet, such as a housewife, nor consumed by at least 900 to 1300 kilocalories per day in addition. An active woman would thus to a daily intake of 2,200 kilocalories, an active man on 3200 kilocalories.

Increase calorie consumption by Sport

Anyone who works in the office and exerts a predominantly sedentary work, can expect 600 to 900 extra calories. So an office worker (60 kg) comes to about 2,000 kilocalories a day, an 80-kilogram Schreibtischtäter to about 2800 kcal. Only those who do not exceed these needs, keeps his weight in the long run. However, you can increase your calorie consumption through sport. In a one-hour cycling tour woman burns about 350 kilocalories addition. A man creates these calories even with half an hour stalwart Cycling.

More muscle mass - more calories consumption

As early as mid-twenties our body builds muscle mass during periods of inactivity. This means our body fat percentage increases, although we do not take more calories to us. Even the loss of three kilos of muscle means a reduction in the basic daily turnover of about 100 calories. The good news is: we can counteract this degradation process and actively build muscle. Seen in perspective so we can increase our basal metabolic rate.

Beware of diets!

Who does not like playing sports and instead prefer eating less, have to be careful: Strict diets restrict the basal metabolic rate significantly - among other reasons, because is lost when removing important muscle mass. In addition, the body switches on the back burner in order to be ready for more hard times. This triggers the famous yo-yo effect: Following the diet the body needs fewer calories, so that the food ends up more quickly on the hips. When in doubt, it is therefore better calorie consumption to increase by sport as to throttle the intake in food.
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