BMR calculator

BMR calculator
Basal metabolism

The basal metabolic rate indicates how much energy the body needs without a physical activity. Even at rest, the body needs energy for respiration, heartbeat, maintaining body temperature, etc. BMR can be easily calculated using a BMR calculator. By using a BMR calculator you ensure that you calcuate the proper value, based on your age, heigh and weight.

Basal Metabolic Rate Definition:
The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy needed by the body in the fasting state in complete tranquility and an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

It is the amount of energy that is required to play all the body functions to maintain. In adults with mild physical activity through work and recreational activities makes the basal metabolic rate between 60 and 70 percent of the total energy required.

The basal metabolic rate depends on:

Weight and height
With increasing weight and size of the man has more metabolically active tissue. The body surface area increases, and thus the energy required to regulate body temperature.
Men have a higher BMR than women because of their greater muscle mass.
In young people, the basal metabolic rate is slightly higher than in the elderly. As muscle mass decreases with age and the metabolism "slow", the basal metabolic rate falls in the elderly. From 30 of the basal metabolic rate decreases by approximately 3% per decade of life.
Body Composition
People with a greater muscle mass have a higher basal metabolic rate since muscle tissue a significantly more intensive metabolism than fat tissue.

Share of the various organs of the share sales:

Liver: 26%
Muscle: 26%
Brain: 18%
Heart: 9%
Kidney: 7%
Remainder: 14%

BMR and overweight
The basal metabolic rate is not relevant from the total weight, but significantly the proportion of biologically active tissue dependent. Obese people have more metabolically active adipose tissue Selin than normal weight and therefore a somewhat lower basal metabolic rate.
Rule of thumb for determining the basal metabolic rate:

BMR in men:
1 kcal per 1 kg body weight per hour

BMR in women:
0.9 kcal per 1kg body weight per hour

Exact results are obtained if one starts from the body surface in the calculation of the basal metabolic rate.

In adults:

In women: The square meter of body surface: 834 kcal BMR.

In men: The square meter of body surface: 915 kcal BMR.

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